Why Sanford?
مرحبا بكم في مدرسة سانفورد المتوسطة

Why Sanford?  Because Sanford is forward-thinking and has strong school leadership and faculty.  As the world gets smaller and the US begins to interact more and more with the rest of the world, our ability to connect with other cultures and communities will determine what kind of future we will fashion for ourselves.

There is a joke that goes like this:

What do you call someone who speaks three languages?

What do you call someone who speaks two languages?

And what do you call someone who speaks one language?
    An American.

It’s a joke, but jokes still retain a kernel of truth.  While the US and many of us have been content to know only English, much of the rest of the world is bilingual or even more diverse.  The US has been the global leader in innovation, economic power, culture, and so many other things, but this dominance will not last as long as we are confined by simply one language. 

English is a fantastic language, but there are people all around the world that are studying foreign languages to make their country more competitive internationally. 

A Spanish teacher once joked that no one pays attention to Chile (where he was from) because it was at the butt of the world.  Well everyone does pay attention to America because we are at the head of it.  Sanford wants to invest to maintain our international leadership and our language program is one of our efforts to do so.

Through the district’s leadership and Sanford’s principal, Minneapolis Public Schools won a grant that over 150 school districts across the country competed for.  Sanford won the federal grant (called a FLAP Grant) and through it has been able to support Arabic instruction at Sanford.

This is a huge resource for Sanford and it is an investment completely in our students.

Learning a language is not for national interests only; in fact, those of us who have been lucky to visit foreign countries have enjoyed the rich experience of food, music, and life in a different culture and language.

However, Sanford has a focus to provide our students with special opportunities in learning, and with the combination of our federal grant and the role foreign languages will play in the lives of our students, we believe this Arabic program is critical to the education we provide.