"Reading starts with being open-minded to thinking steps. Every question is a thinking step. You need to move into the text. I believe that reading is thinking through the text, so as you progress or walk into the reading, you look back and reflect on your progress. Do you get the author's mindset or message? Can you estimate how far you have been and how far you have left in the text? What lesson can you take away from this reading? Can you compare and contrast the new information with what you already know?" 

Well, we are here to practice this conversation. Keep asking basic questions. Take notes in your mind and track your progress"

This section will teach learners how to describe their own learning styles

They will analyze text through the process of identifying, describing, sorting, and defining new information or knowledge.

They will develop thinking skills responding to text, fiction and non fiction

They will evaluate their learning by practicing self-assessment and creating progress reports.

They will understand how to use critical thinking or the think aloud tools for creating meaning.


After years of using this strategy, I just noticed that to think is to ask questions and to record the answers so you can re-use them later for deep understanding...