"With every question that you ask yourself or your partner.Things get clear, then unclear or confusing, and then clear again. At some point, you will get it! You will connect the pieces like in a puzzle. By dialoguing, you go from simple knowledge to complex knowledge back and forth at your own pace"

This is a tool for observation, collaboration and reflection. Think aloud keeps your mind digging through all your senses about any subject. At the end, you understand more than what you thought you knew. Conversation really rocks, try it!


Think aloud is an every day strategy for reflections by yourself or with people.

  • Notice             "What do you notice about______?"
  • Remember      "What does it remind you of ?"
  • Feel                 "How does it make you feel?"
  • Question        "What questions does it raise in your mind?"
  • Speculate       "What else might be important here?"