Student Schedules

School is in session from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  During that time you will have core academic classes (Math, Social Studies, English and Science) and elective/specialist classes (PE/Health, Arts, Design and World Language). Some students may also have support classes including Reading, AVID, and Academic Learning Development.

IB/MYP Course Requirements:

MYP Subject Areas

Course Name

Specific at Sanford

Language & Literature

English/Language Arts

On team, all 3 grades

Language Acquisition

World Language or ESL

Arabic, Ojibwe, Spanish, ESL

Individuals & Societies

Social Studies

On team, all 3 grades



On team, all 3 grades;

Team Math, Telescope Math



On team, all 3 grades


Visual & Performing Arts

Band, Choir, Drama, Visual Art



STEM/Coding, Design & Modeling, Gateway To Technology App Creator

Physical Education/Health

PE, Health

PE/Health class rotates between PE and Health lessons


Our priority at Sanford is to ensure all students have appropriate placement in core, accelerated, and support courses.  Schedule changes will only be made for students who are in the wrong level of a class (ex. placed into Beginning Band instead of  Concert Band) or are missing a class. This is because teaching positions and class offerings for an upcoming school year are based upon student course requests completed in the spring.  If we allow students to change their schedule during a school year, class sizes can become very imbalanced. Schedule changes are rare.

Sanford does not move students from one teacher to another in the same subject, switch student team, or make schedule changes due to participation in athletics or activities outside of school.