7th Grade Student Work

Seventh graders created sculptures of Egyptian God and Godesses using paper mache.  They had learned about Ancient Egypt in Social Studies so it was a great project to enhance their learning.

Pastel Flowers
8th grade Masks
  • Students learned about the personal, social, cultural and historical contexts that influence of the art of mask making.  They thoughtfully planned their mask to be used for a specific social function such as performance, ritual, to frighten or amuse or to conceal one's identity.

Our artists created collages to visually communicate a community in which they are involved. Their collage was inspired by the work of Romare Bearden, a Harlem Renaissance artist, who combined painting, cut paper and images to create his collage work.  Students used a variety of watercolor techniques and incorporated their painted papers in with their images  expressing "community" and focusing on the principles of unity and balance.