School Supply List 2019-20


Sanford Middle School Supply List


All students will be assigned a school lock and locker to keep their materials at the end of the first day of school


Quantity                     Item   


1                                  3 or 4 inch Binder 3 ring binder


Some prefer a zip fabric style to keep papers secure, but are not required. Some students will need a second binder in the second half of the year depending on how they hold up. We have found the CASE IT brand works well and can be found at Amazon, Walmart, Office Max and sometimes Target


1                                  3 ring binder pencil case


7                                  1 Subject notebooks (college ruled)


5 will be set up in the binders right away- 2 for the second half of the year-students are responsible to purchase notebooks throughout the year as needed


7                                  2 Pocket folders


2                                  Graph Ruled Spiral Notebooks for math 8 ½ X 11

                                    one for each semester         

                                    We will have some for purchase the 2nd half of the year for $3


6th Grade: Basic calculator

7th Grade: Scientific calculator or Desmos app to be used at home

8th Grade: TI-84 calculator (which you can use in high school) or Desmos app


Case of pencils to be used throughout the year


Ear buds for technology use for Ipads, chrome books and laptops



Supplies to be shared and dropped off in the main office the first week of school: Tissues, #2 Pencils, Dry erase markers, washable markers, glue sticks and clorax wipes. These are needed throughout the year in all classrooms. Thank You!

Binder and Organization Policy

Sanford’s goal is to make sure all students are ready for success in high school by learning the skill of organization. Students will set up a binder to hold their SAM (student assignment manual-planner that will be given to students the first day) 5 folders, 5 notebooks, pencil case and pencils for them to bring to each of their classes every day. Binders will be set up the first week of school. It will be the student’s responsibility to have their materials everyday and keep them organized.

Thank you for your support and all you do as parents/guardians.

Welcome to our new students and welcome back 7th and 8th graders!