Course Overview


READ 180 (grades 6 and 7, meets every day) is an intensive reading support classes designed to assist students who have been identified as being "at-risk" of not scoring at the MEETS EXPECTATIONS level on the reading portion of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA III), an assessment completed by students in the spring of every year. Class activities will encourage students to take responsibility for improving their reading, writing, organizational, and interpersonal skills.


Students typically begin and end each class period in large group instruction, then spend the rest of classtime rotating through two or three work stations.

During each READ 180 class period, students can be found

--discussing shared-text readings and completing individual and group response activities
--using READ 180 or System 44 software or completing other computer-based reading, writing, and problem-solving tasks
--reading books of their own choosing and checking their understandings of those texts via computer quizzes
--working in a teacher-led small group, focusing on literacy skills development using the primary text of the current unit.