"Where are you now? Where do you want to be next? You are in charge of your own decisions. Make a move, but plan it based on the way you learn best!"


This is foundation ONE of your learning ID "identity card". Here are 3 reasons why you need to know and understand your LS:

  • LS help you understand how you learn new information best. 
  • LS tell you what learning activities or study strategies work best with you.
  • LS give you power, because once you know this information, you can use it to communicate with parents and teachers, so they support you better.

Can you think of another reason? Please, add your own opinion to this discussion


WHAT'S YOUR LEARNING STYLE? Inquire! Find out what kind of learner you are...

1. Make a prediction about your learning style. Create a "prediction" graph (Before) 2. Take the LS survey  3. Record what you notice about your learning styles. Create the real graph (After). 4. Compare and contrast what you notice about the results with what you predicted: Did you expect these results? Why? Why not? Explain by writing a short paragraph (3-5 sentences)- For example you can write: "I noticed that......" "I thought that my primary LS was_________, but after taking the surtvey, I noticed that_____________". Check for spelling errors, punctuation and capital letters.

5. The REAL ISSUES REGARDING LS and MI in education: (Look for new ideas regarding LS and MI)

Listen to this  NPR radio show on learning style, then respond in writing. What's 2 main ideas? Write 2 paragraphs to prepare for a discussion.

other LS discussion or issues: WHAT IF -learning-styles-are-a-myth. ?According to this author, what's the problem or issue regarding LS? Explain in your own words.

6. Discuss learning styles in small groups (A, B and C). Go to Googledocs.

7. WATCH THIS MOVIE (Frontline). What's most important in this movie? How does this information connects with LS and MI discussion? Explain your point in paragraphs


a.Design your personal LS Resume or Newsletter using the New Word Sample (partners)

b.Design your own LS Blog (partners)

c. Create LS Animoto video clip

d. Create LS Radio show recording with Garage band.

e. Propose your own project, individual or with partner (Present your project in writing or record it on Flip camera)



Other resources and activities:


Multiple Intelligences test

Multiple Intelligence Assessment (excellent tool for adult learner, as well)