Family Involvement Plan (FIP)

Sanford Middle School

Family Involvement Plan 


Families play a vital role in the academic success of our students. We want to partner with all of our families to help our students grow to become global citizens.


Here are several ways to be involved as parents/guardians:

  • Attend parent/teacher conferences
    • Conferences are twice a year. Teachers are available to meet parents in the evening and during the day. Teachers are also available via email at any time.
    • Progress reports are sent home every three weeks throughout the school year and report cards are mailed home four times a year at the end of each quarter.
  • Join our Sanford Parent Group (SPG)
    • Meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month 6:00-7:30 p.m.
    • The Sanford Parent group volunteers at school events, fundraises, has an active voice at Sanford, and participates in discussions/topics that interest parents and advocates for all students at Sanford. All parents are welcome to attend at any meeting
  • Site Council
    • This group is comprised of 6 parents and 6 staff and is representative of our diverse community at Sanford.
    • Members are nominated by their constituent group
    • Site Council works mostly with the SIP and budget.
  • All parents can participate in various parent involvement opportunities, such as:
  • Attend summer team meetings to meet the team teachers as 6th grade parents or new students
  • Connecting Parents to Educational Opportunities (CPEO) offered annually in Spanish, Somali and English.
  • Cultural school events/performances
  • Athletic games
  • Band and choir concerts
  • Theater productions
  • Volunteer
    • There are many opportunities throughout the school year to volunteer.
    • For details, contact Family Liaison Mara Bernick at 612-668-4914 or
  • Here are some ways to stay informed:
    • Attend the SPG meetings
    • Attend the State of the School and Title 1 meetings
    • Sign up for parent portal to track your student’s work and grades
      • This is a great online tool for you to have access to your student’s grades, homework assignments, attendance, transcripts, etc.
      • Here is the link to get started:
  • Keep Sanford informed of your updated contact information so when we reach out via email, mail or phone calls we can each you
    • Contact information includes address, phone numbers, email, and emergency contacts
  • Visit our school website for updated information and school events/happenings:
  • Join our Facebook page: Sanford Middle School or our Sanford Middle School Group page
  • Follow our Twitter account at Sanford @mps_sanford 


There are 3 important ways that parents support students at home:

1. Expect A and B grades. Every student can earn at least a B- in every class if they work hard enough. When parents believe this, then good grades happen.

2. Ensure students sit down for at least one hour of homework & reading every school night. If your student says they have no homework, they should show you their work. Reading for at least 30 minutes - preferably an hour - every day is important for brain growth as well.

3. Turn off all screens an hour before bedtime. Have a set bedtime so students get 8-9 hours of sleep every night!  


“At the end of the day, the most overwhelming key to a child’s success is the positive involvement of parents.”  - Jane. D. Hull