Hot Breakfast at Sanford!

Sanford is serving free hot breakfast this year! All students are welcome to eat!
There will be 3 stations for breakfast:
Station 1:                     Week 1: Monday: Cheese Omelet, Hashbrown Potato Patty, Toast
                                               Tuesday: Pancakes, Turkey Sausage, Syrup
                                               Wednesday: Egg Strata, Banana Bread
                                               Thursday: Cinnamon French Toast Sticks, Warm Spiced Pears
                                               Friday: Sausage & Cheese Bagel or Egg & Cheese Bagel
                                  Week 2: Monday: Pancakes. Strawberry Sauce
                                               Tuesday: Scrambled Eggs w/Cheese, Whole Grain Biscuit
                                               Wednesday: Cinnamon French Toast Sticks, Roasted Breakfast Potatoes
                                               Thursday: Oatmeal, Turkey Sausage
                                               Friday: Egg & Cheese on English Muffin
Station 2:           Week 1 and 2: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Cereal, Cheese Stick
                                              Tuesday/Thursday: Cereal, Hard Boiled Egg
Station 3:            Week 1 and 2: Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Bagel and Cream Cheese
                                               Tuesday/Thursday Yogurt Parfait Cups, Granola