Naviance & Family Connection

What is Naviance?

Naviance is a computer program used by the Minneapolis Public School District.  Students, families and mpls staff use the program to communicate and help track postsecondary planning, college exploration and career exploration. 

What is Family Connection?

Family Connection is a website for your school using the Naviance computer program.  Staff, students and families can use the website to communicate and find resources on colleges and careers. 

How do I login to Family Connection?

Visit Sanford's Family Connection by clicking on the link:

Registered Students:   Your username is your Mpls school email address.  (Example:

                                          Your password is your Student ID number (Example: 123456)

Parents: You are able to get your own account!  Please contact Tracy Walberg, School Counselor to get your registration code. 

                 Office: 612-668-4905  Email:  Room 150A