My Life Plan

What Is My Life Plan?

My Life Plan is a curriculum from the Minneapolis Public School District's Counseling Department.  It is used at the middle and high school grade levels.  There are different required lessons (milestones) for each grade level. Students complete My Life Plan Milestones with their school counselor using a computer program called Naviance (Family Connection).  Some of the milestones are also completed in morning advisory lessons here at Sanford.

My Life Plan Milestones generally focus on:

1. High school & postsecondary planning

2. Career, college and self exploration

Middle School My Life Plan Milestones:

6th grade    

  • 6.1 Welcome to Middle School
  • 6.2 Learning Styles
  • 6.3 Career Interest Inventory
  • 6.4 Getting Ready for Post-Secondary Education
  • 6.5 Academic Course Planning

7th grade     

  • 7.1 Beginning of Year Check In and Habits of Success
  • 7.2 Personal/Social Skills for Success
  • 7.3 What is Post-Secondary Education Readlly Like?
  • 7.4 Financial Planning for Life
  • 7.5 Academic Course Plan

8th grade

  • 8.1 Beginning of Year Check-In 
  • 8.2 My Strengths
  • 8.3 Decision Making Strategies and Choosing High School
  • 8.4 Types of Future Careers
  • 8.5 Career Experience
  • 8.6 Transition to High School