Classroom Expectations

The classroom behavioral expectations are centered around the acronym of R.U.L.E. S.  The students come up with their rules for their classroom, and I am simply their enforcer, along with them.  In the first week of school the students come up with words for the R.U.L.E.S. and vote as to which they would like as a whole.  They have in the past represented:  Respect, Understanding, Listening, Eye Contact, Eat appropriately, Smile, and Speak Nicely.  

Some student's have had a behavioral point program centered around it as well.  There is an added expectation of working on a personal goal for the week.  Students receive a one in each category for each period, including bus times and lunch.  A two can be earned for doing something extra or special in the area.  Being a positive role model, or confronting another in an appropriate manner.  Zeroes are given when an error is made in a specific area.  Such as if a student does name calling of another, that could be a zero under speaking nice, or respect, or understanding.  For more severe infractions more than one zero may be given, as well as further consequences such as removal from an activity or privilege withheld.  A second behavioral program utilized is based on the Zones of Regulations.  Students become aware of their emotional zone, how they are feeling and then how those feelings effect their behaviors.  

The classroom schedule compliments the Middle School scheduling format.  There are seven 47 minute periods, and each student will be offered the possibility of attending an elective each quarter with the mainstream population.  Those students who do not attend DAPE, maybe mainstreamed in Gym class for at least 2 quarters.  The other elective classes they may participate in are Arts, and Media.

Approximately monthly, the students and staff put on a DCD Deli and cook, serve, deliver, sell food that they make.  The students decide on the menu, advertise their menu and deli date, prepare the food and sometimes deliver.  They work on cooking skiils, math skills, time management skills, and social skills.  They students try to come up with themes, and or a menu that fits for the month, such as suring October the theme has typically been for Halloween.  Some of the themes that have been utilized are centered around Sports (Baseball & Super Bowl), Winter, and of course Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, St. Patricks, Presidents, etc.)   Any money that becomes profit is then usedto pay for community activities.  

Students will receive a number of opportunities to be out in the community for a variety of activities.  Some of the planned trips are: Science Museum, Mill City Museum, Como Zoo, Mall of America, Bowling, Swimming, Community Paper Route. etc.



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