Mr. David Prunty, School Social Worker

I am working half-time at Sanford with the special education programs for students with autism and developmental-cognitive disabilities. I work directly with the students, their parents, teachers, other related service providers and community providers to help ensure that these very special students receive the services they need to learn and to thrive. My office is located on the first floor, Room 131. My telephone at Sanford is 612-668-4931.

Before earning a master's degree in Social Work from the University of Minnesota in 1990, I spent several years in the seminary, studying for the Catholic priesthood. That wasn't to be, but social work came naturally after that experience. I also earned a certificate from the Interdisciplinary Program in Developmental Disabilities, a research arm of the University's Department of Education.

I began my career in the Minneapolis Public Schools in the fall of 1990, and have been there ever since, except for 2003-2007, when I moved to southern California and became a hospice social worker. I have experience in elementary, middle and high school settings in Minneapolis. 

I have been a musician for almost my entire life, teaching myself the guitar when I was a 7th grader in southern Indiana. I have found a way to share that gift with the students and staff I work with, as the benefits of music are many, and contribute to the social-emotional learning of our students. Music is healing, enriching, calming and enjoyable. I also use a variety of percussion instruments and Native American-style flutes.