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laptops boost motivation to learn academic English.


It's my third year at Sanford

I love it! Walking to school and learning what matters most from all of my learners

I was born in Douala, Cameroon(pbs), then lived in France and moved in the US in 1994.

I'm a French and Douala native. Because traveling means the world to me, each season that comes, I let the sunlight speak for itself

My journey in America starts in Northern Minnesota, in language villages, teaching French and art to young people. It's a home, surrounded by the woods and the sound of loons bouncing on water. It is where I come from deep inside

In 2000,  I received my Masters in Education from the U of M (ESL/French). Then, for the next 9 years I taught English in Minneapolis through the ABE program. I worked with many immigrant communities, building new dreams and stories in the twin cities.

Before Sanford Middle, I was an ELL teacher at Green Central for 2 years.

This is where I learned to visit families in order to support student's learning

I believe that each EL is indeed an authentic textbook 

I still wonder what motivates kids to learn

laptops, Ipads

Interviewing others,

developing self-expression, 

mastering the art of conversation

Wanderings and wonderings are not too distant relatives

Room 314 is a literacy studio, where

poems poems poems on the move
learners practice "becoming visible" by writing and publishing their thinking. Think community. Think free space. We live here as we experiment with text in the middle of a journey, tracing the future with paper, doodling, sketches in pencil and fingers on keyboard.

As you read these words, the sun has just began to rise above the trees. Intuition flows. Imagine what PAULO FREIRE and MYLES HORTON said, "We make the road by walking". Everyone is a teacher half awake half knowing. Today, we must plan less, to reach more. Remember the shadows of all these learners who came before us, sharing ideas and traditions, designing products, learning to write by asking questions, disagreeing with each other, browsing for books, websites and new words, chatting for hours, reading for pleasure, and sometimes performing paragraphs into songs and poems.

YES! We will have fun learning academic English in literacystudio314, while building a new grading system together...

Remember America, my home my brother I have no freedom left but you...
For Michael "Michel" Delmain (1961-2011) 
my friend, teacher, troubadour, enfant des rues du monde entier
thank you, merci, nasom for showing me the path along the river
Minneapolis, Spring 2013
Any suggestions, comments or concerns? Please, stop by literacystudio314 or contact me at
multiple intelligences and learning styles

This is how we learn best in room 314

  music musique musiki by Francis Bebey   --  Cameroon folk music beyond borders

  Esperanza by DARA J   --  this song is at the crossroads of all possibilities for those who travel searching for a new home