Ms. Judy Sorensen

Hello! So glad to be at Sanford working with students on becoming more independent communicators! 

At Sanford, I primarily work with students from the ASD program and some General Education Students with Speech Language Needs.  I enjoy coordinating with classroom teachers to provide meaningful therapy that can be practiced and reinforced in the speech room and all around Sanford Middle School.  I welcome input and coordination from home to encourage generalizing student's speech language skills outside of school. 

I am at Sanford on Mondays and Tuesdays. I respond best to email ( ) .  


Ms. Laurie Wright

Greetings Dear Hawks,

I have learned so much over these past few days (like how to update my webpage) and am committed to making sure the same happens for students during this new learning adventure!!

I have sent home some suggested speech/language activities for students during these initial days.  Information about what distant learning will look like/how distant learning will happen will be be available should we move to that model.

Here is my contact information


Phone Number: 612-234-7051

I will be available via e-mail/phone Mondays--Fridays from 8:00-4:00.