Algebra 8

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1:  "Thinking With Mathematical Models"
  • Unit 2:  "Say It With Symbols"
  • Unit 3:  "It's In The System"
  • Unit 4:  "Looking For Pythagoras"
  • Unit 5:  "Growing, Growing, Growing"
  • (MCA Review and MCA Test)
  • Unit 6:  "Frogs, Fleas, and Painted Cubes"

Note that this course outline is subject to change.


We will be using Chromebooks in class regularly.  Students will complete classwork, most assignments, and keep their "notebook" online.  Quizzes given throughout the unit will be on paper.

Online Graphing Calculator

Use the link to the right to access a free online graphing calculator.  Students are encouraged to bookmark this site and become very familiar with it.  It is the same calculator as the one used on the MCA math test.



PDF School Calendar for 2019-2020   --  School Calendar for 2019-2020.
PDF Syllabus for Algebra 8, 2019   --  Syllabus for Algebra 8, 2019
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