Hello Everyone!
Mr. T and a Wildcat at MEA
Another interesting day as a middle school teacher...


About Me

Hi Everyone!

My name is Keven Tell and I am the 6th grade science teacher here at Sanford Middle School. I am super excited to be here at Sanford! This is my 5th year at Sanford Middle School. Since graduating Carleton College in 2009, I had a 2 year stint with AmeriCorps, providing reading and math support to elementary and junior high students respectively in Saint Paul's Rondo complex. I also co-taught 6th/7th grade science at Lake Harriet Upper and 10th grade Honors Chemistry at Southwest High School through a teacher residency program called TC2 Urban Residency. Working with a wide range of ages and populations these last 8 years has been a wonderful learning experience, one I definitely continue here at Sanford!

When I'm not at school, I love to spend my time cycling, playing video games (I own a PS4, X-box One and Nintendo Switch) watching movies/Netflix! As my first day quiz will also tell you, the following is also true:

- My middle name is Anthony (I love my middle name, much more than my first name)

- My all-time favorite places to be are amusement parks with lots of roller coasters/thrill rides

- My favorite animals are kangaroos, sea lions and killer whales

- Movies I enjoy include "Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and 2" and "Kingsman: The Secret Service"

- Spiderman is my favorite Marvel superhero, The Flash in my favorite DC superhero (both have a great balance of brains/nerdiness and brawn, goofy/sarcastic sense of humor)

- If I had one superpower, it would be teleportation (I hate dealing with traffic)

- I love peanut butter, it is the greatest food of all time!