How Are Students Different As a Result of What School Counselors Do?

The counseling program at Sanford aligns with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model for a comprehensive school counseling program.  We provide student support services through counseling curriculum, individual student planning, responsive services, school system support, and indirect student services (see below).  We work with students individually, in groups, and in the classroom covering topics in the social-emotional, college/career, and academic domains.

School Counseling Curriculum

  • Classroom lessons (including My Life Plan curriculum)

  • Groups

  • Delivery of annual student needs assessment & other data collection

Individual Student Support

  • Academic counseling and support

  • Goal setting

  • Organizational planning and support

  • High school transition coordination for 8th graders

  • New student advisory

Responsive Services

  • Crisis response

  • Mediations

  • Individual or small group personal/social counseling

School System Support

  • Consultation with administration and staff

  • RTI team member

  • Student Support Services team member with social workers and psychologist

Indirect Student Support

  • Referal to outside resources

  • Collaboration with parents, families, and other community members

Other non-counseling related duties as assigned:

  • Master schedule data entry
  • Individual student scheduling

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