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Minneapolis Public Schools Health Education:

Health Education can not take place only inside the walls of our schools.  Health and Wellness is a result of all the choices made throughout each day, for the life of an individual.  As a result,  educating our children to lead healthy lifestyles must be a cooperative endeavor for families and educators to take on together.

Middle school students at Sanford Middle School will receive an education based on our MPS standards. Health is a required course at our school, and each student will receive two rotations of instruction per year.  One new addition is our sexual health curriculum called Making Proud Choices, which will be introduced to them at in 8th grade. Additional information will be sent out during the year. Making Proud Choices is just a part of the whole, as students will learn life skills such as decision making, nutrition, chemical health, relationships, conflict resolution, and other areas that affect our health and wellness.


Dear Parents and Students:

The health teachers, Kyle Felder and Kelly Sheehan, would like to welcome you to Sanford Middle School! We are looking forward to an exciting school year with you. We are committed to teaching a health curriculum that is both inclusive and informative using a variety of methods. We believe that a proper health education will empower the students with the information necessary to lead healthier lives physically, socially, as well as emotionally. One goal of our program this year is to provide transparency to our parents. We plan on uploading course materials and relevant information to our website periodically throughout the year, so parents will always have access to what their students are learning in the classroom. We are proud of the Health Education program and the students that are a part of it. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns using the information below:



Kelly Sheehan

Health Teacher


Kyle Felder

Health Teacher