Fun Math Links

http://set  A fun way to use your mathematical thinking.

 Measurement Games   A variety of games at different levels and different types of measuring.
 Geometry Hangman   Can you guess the basic geometry words?
 Polygon Power   List the polygons according to the number of sides/angles.
 Math Words   Find out what math words mean and where they came from.
 Geometry Battleship   Sink the enemy's ships by clicking on the space to the left of the correct answer.
 Geometry Money   How much money can you earn by answering geometry questions?
Factor Game   Practice using factors, you may play the computer or a partner.
Adding Fractions Game   Can you move all the markers with less than 20 cards? Be sure to read the instructions.
Product Game   Practice using your factors to find products. You will need a partner for this game.

/  Lots of different games. Kersplash is a great challenge for your integer and thinking skills.