What does IB MYP stand for? 

International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme (programme is a British spelling and this is how it is officially supposed to be spelled)

What is the purpose of the IB MYP? 

“It is a programme of international education designed to help students develop the knowledge, understanding, attitudes and skills necessary to participate actively and responsibly in a changing world.”  www.ibo.org 

Which students will be part of the MYP at Sanford? 

All Sanford students will participate in the MYP.

What other middle schools in Minneapolis has the MYP?

Anwatin and Northeast Middle Schools are the only other middle schools in Minneapolis that have the MYP. Northeast became an authorized IB World School in April of 2008. Anwatin became an authorized IB World School during the 2010 school year.

What are the three Fundamental Concepts of the IB MYP? 

  1.  Communication 
  2. Holistic Learning 
  3. Intercultural Awareness 

What are the eight required subject areas in the MYP?

  1. Arts (visual and/or music) 
  2. Humanities 
  3. Language A (English) 
  4. Language B (World Languages) 
  5. Mathematics 
  6. Physical Education 
  7. Science 
  8. Technology 

What are the ten IB Learner Profile traits that students in the MYP work on developing? 

  1. Balanced 
  2. Caring 
  3. Communicator 
  4. Inquirer 
  5. Knowledgeable 
  6. Open-minded 
  7. Principled 
  8. Reflective 
  9. Risk-taker 
  10. Thinker 

What are the five Areas of Interaction?

  1.  Approaches to Learning 
  2. Community and Service 
  3. Environments 
  4. Health and Social Education 
  5. Human Ingenuity 

Why will students study information through the Areas of Interaction?

The Areas of Interaction provide us with the “so what?” factor for learning. They will be our link to the real world.