My name is Elizabeth Novak. I am the social studies teacher for team Jaguar. I have been teaching for Minneapolis Public Schools since 2000. Previous to Sanford, I taught one year of Spanish at Anwatin Middle School and two years of bilingual social studies to native Spanish speakers at Edison High School. I have been teaching social studies at different locations ever since. I have been at Sanford since 2011. I really enjoy looping with kids and getting to know them over three years. 

I love teaching Social Studies!   Since I was child I have been interested in people, cultures, and social systems.  I was raised in many different places including seven years in Costa Rica, a year in Columbia, and a semester in Toldedo, Spain. We are fortunate at Sanford to have students from all over the world. As we study different regions around the globe we can capitalize on a variety of languages, cultures, and countries right in our own classroom!

I am the proud mother of three children, all of whom attend Barton Open School in Southwest Minneapolis. Joel is in 8th grade, Benjamin is in 6th, and Cecilia is in 4th. It's been really special to have my oldest son be the same age as my students the last three years. I am married and I live in South Minneapolis. In my spare time I like to run and see and play live music.

International Trip: Ecuador 2016
Ecuador 2016: Me and one of the guides. We have the exact same birthday. I called him my Ecuadorian twin.
Italy 2013: Best guide I've ever met!
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