Focus on Academic English, Technology and Literacy Development
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Welcome to team Discovery!

Team Discovery will focus on academic English, technology use and literacy development at all stages of language acquisition (see WIDA).

Our goal is to provide the best support for each ELL student, so they can develop academic English faster

In order to reach our goal, this is our on-going process or action plan:

  • We do formative assessments based on daily instruction (reading comprehension; oral and written interviews)
  • We look at data with colleagues and discuss individual needs 
  • We contact parents to learn more about family history and understand our students' experience with academic language support.
  • We set goals AND action plan with learners, so they can take charge of their learning. 

Our purpose is to communicate more effectively with parents and colleagues regarding academic language development and language strategies that maximize learning. We want to foster a learning environment where critical thinking, writing, speaking, reading and listening can develop at a faster rate. This is an ongoing process, as we're evaluating our strengths and what areas need improvement in our department.

What else is great news?

1. We're in discussion with the English Language Arts department in order to integrate our curriculum. (November 2011-.....)

2. We're collaborating with Americorps volunteers to provide support to ELL learners Level 3.

3. We're living the writer's life blogging non stop (600 writers, 700writers, studio314)

Please, stay tuned, It's going to be a very big year....!