Course Objectives

In READ 180, students will improve their reading skills by practicing

  • vocabulary skills
  • literal and inferential comprehension skills
  • fluency
  • decoding skills (if necessary)
  • independent reading habits (in-class and at-home)

Students will improve their writing skills through

  • guided and independent responses to both shared and self-selected texts 
  • responding in writing to interdisciplinary (cross-curricular) Academic Language prompts
  • an emphasis on using proper sentence structure and other standard English language writing conventions

Students will become better self-directed learners by practicing

  • listening skills,
  • appropriate interpersonal skills,
  • direction-following skills, and
  • organizational skills.

Students who are enrolled for the entire school year in READ 180, and who attend regularly and work to ability in class, can expect to see their reading scores increase by at least one grade level, as measured by the HMH Reading Inventory (RI) and other assessments. Students will take the RI assessment in September, October, end December/early January, and May.

Students whose scores increase to near or above grade level proficiency will have the opportunity to exit this reading support class, with parent permission and after consultation with the school counselor, grade level team (core) teachers, and case managers (when applicable).