Congratulations to our State history Day Qualifiers and Honorable Mentions

  • Ben Peterson-The Assassination of Harvey Milk
  • Keo Sena & Charles Cullen-The Bosnian Genocide
  • Anna Olivarez, Nik Luckow, Lewi Linville-From Nazi to NASA
  • Mitali Mangai-Indira Gandhi and the Monkey Birgade
  • Brennan Vanvoorst-Voyage of the HMS Beagle
  • Eyala Elate & Tyler Ottum-Oliver Sipple
  • Natalie Jensen & Melia Anders-The Black Panther Party

The following students received Honorable Mentions

  • Luna Isaacson-The Triumph of Maria Sanford
  • Eva Hoch Robinson-The Triumph and Tragedy of the Honeywell Project
  • Rose Cullen-Harvey Milk
  • Rain Villebraun, Marianna Heisler-Ramirez-Minnesota Boarding Schools