Bell Schedule Information-school start and end time


Bell Schedule information


Through the planning and feedback phases of the CDD, it was brought to light that the district’s current bell times (the times schools start and end each day) limit student participation in afterschool activities. Participation in afterschool activities is shown to increase academic achievement, making this a vital and necessary opportunity for many of our students. 


As part of the CDD Implementation a project team is looking to create a bell time

schedule that,

·      Provides more equitable access to after school programming

·      Finds efficiencies in the Transportation department with any cost savings directed to the classroom 


Transportation’s Bell Time Schedule website has information about this project and a narrated video detailing the work that has been done so far. You’ll also be able to share feedback,

which will help continue to shape the final bell time schedule before the MPS

Board of Education votes on the resolution this November.