Attendance Policy and who to call for absences


Sanford Attendance Policy and who to call for absences


Sanford 2020-21 Daily Attendance Procedure


Parents/guardians should notify Olga Guzman, Sanford Office Assistant, any time a full class period or a full day of school is missed by their child due to an illness, doctor appointment, family emergency, vacation, etc.  

  • Please call 612.668.4923 or email to report those absences. 
  • If your child is missing a full class period or a day of school due to a doctor’s appointment, a note from the provider needs to be submitted to be excused.
  • If a student is going to miss part of a class due to any of the above reasons, they should reach out to their teacher(s). 

In short, a parent/guardian needs to notify attendance (attendance line, email, fax) when a student misses an amount of time that will get them marked absent for an entire school period or school day. 

NO ROBOCALLS: Parents are no longer receiving robocalls for when students have been marked unexcused for a class period. It is recommended to parents to check the Parent Portal to track their student’s daily attendance.