A Map of the Arab World


Marhaban!  أهلا و سهلا

The Arabic Program

At Sanford Middle School, we are lucky to be the only middle school in Minneapolis to offer Arabic as well one of a handful of schools in the entire state teaching this language.

The program was launched in 2007 and gained momentum in 2008 when Sanford was awarded grant from the government to support the Arabic program. 

The program currently is offered through core curriculum and electives.  In this academic year, 2009-2010, we have approximately 150 students learning Arabic per school quarter. 

Learning Arabic is meant to be fun and motivating for all students.  While many are first intimidated when they join one of Sanford’s several Arabic classes, they soon find out that anyone can learn the language.

Through Arabic, Sanford hopes to broaden not only the diversity of topics taught at school, but also expand the minds of its students.  Learning a language creates new connections in the brain that strengthen students’ analytical and reading skills.

Finally, learning a language is inhibited without learning about the context in which it is used everyday.  Here we mean: culture.  Culture is the soul that breathes life into the evolution of a language.  At Sanford, we hope to introduce our students to the variety of Arab cultures that permeate the language of Arabic.