General School Information






Emergency Information

It is extremely important that the school office have an up to date Emergency Referral Card for each student. This card is sent home for completion during the first week of school. Please notify the office immediately if there is a change of information.

Family - Teacher Conferences

Family-Teacher conferences are listed on the calendar. Parents are also welcome to schedule meetings with teachers at any time.

Health Office

The health office is staffed by a Licensed Practical Nurse and a Health Service Assistant who are trained to assist students who are ill or need first aid. Students are not allowed to carry medication while in school. All prescription medications need to be kept in the Health Office, along with a written note, signed by the parents and doctor, giving permission to administer

Students must have have up-to-date immunizations to attend school. Please check with your doctor or clinic to make sure your child is current prior to starting school. If you have special health concerns about your child, please contact the health office staff at #668-4904.

Interpretive Services

Interpretive services are available in all languages that our students speak at home. Please contact Sanford and let staff know what language is needed. We also have Spanish and Somali liaisons on staff. Please call us - Español:  612-668-4917.  Somali:  612-290-4089


Each student is assigned a locker and a combination lock. Students may also bring a combination lock from home.  The locker and lock are provided for storage of electronics, coats, backpacks and anything else brought to school but not used in class. Backpacks, purses and electronics are not allowed in classes.  The school is not responsible for stolen items. School staff have the right to inspect any locker at anytime without student knowledge or permission. For security reasons, students are not to share lockers or locker combinations.

Lost and Found

Articles found in and around the school can be turned in to the Main Office, or dorpped off on the lost & found table in the cafeteria. Items of value (phones, etc) will be kept in the main office.


Student bikes should be locked in the bike racks on the west side of the building. Bikes are not stored inside the building.

Lunchroom Procedures

Lunches and breakfasts are available for all students. The lunchroom is open to all students - whether they bring their lunch from home or buy their lunch in school.

  1. No food or beverages are allowed outside of the lunchroom. 
  2. Students may be eligible for free or reduced meals, depending on the income of the family the student lives with. An application must be filled out to qualify for reduced prices. Applications are usually received through the mail, but may be obtained from the school office.
  3. Families are encouraged to set up a meal account for each student, which provides them with a pin number. This number allows students to use meal pricing rather than the more expensive ala carte pricing. Student pin numbers should not be shared with other students.
  4. No pork products are served in the Minneapolis Schools.
  5. Money can be deposited into a student's account through SchoolCafe. More information about SchoolCafe can be found at Culinary & Nutrition Services webpage. Please visit the online payment system or bring cash or checks to the student's school.  There is a drop box in the lunchroom for payments.

We are pleased to offer a menu that includes fresh fruits and vegetables. Students are encouraged to choose up to 3 servings of fruits and vegetables at lunch. Please encourage your children to eat several servings of fruits and vegetables each day!

Further information can be found at

Mid Term Progress Reports

Progress reports are sent home with each student at the end of each 3-week rotation. See calendar for dates. Parents can also check the Parent Portal to see grades at any time, and can request that a progress report be mailed home at any time.

Moving or Extended Absences

Students who move to a different school or school district should do the following at least a week prior to departure:

  • Notify the office of expected date of departure.
  • Request to have school records transferred to the new school.
  • Return all books and pay all fines owed to the school.

Parents, whose student will be absent for 1 week or more, may make arrangements to have homework available for pick up in the main office. One day notice is required.

Parent Volunteers

Each year a variety of volunteers- including parents, business people and high school students- share their time and talents by working with our students. We welcome family members to be a part of our school as classroom volunteers, members of Site Council, and the Sanford Parent Group (SPG). Contact Karina Altoro, our Family Liaison, at 612-668-4917 for more information.


All students not with their assigned class and teacher must have a pass to be in the halls. Passes are available in the SAM planner.


If there is an emergency, please call the main office and we will get the message to the student, or call the student to the phone if needed. Students who need to make a phone call may use the office phone with a pass at any time. Students may not use their cell phones during the school day - phones must be kept in lockers.  We expect students to check their phone for messages at the end of the school day.

Cell phones and other electronics are considered disruptive to learning and are not allowed during the school day. All phones and electronics brought to school must be kept in the student's locker (turned off) during the school day.  Cell phones or other electronics brought into the classroom will be confiscated, and returned only to a parent.


Any individuals other than Sanford students and staff are regarded as visitors and must report to the Front desk or Main Office upon entering the building. Visitors must sign in and obtain a visitors pass to remain in the building. Sanford does not allow outside students as visitors. In the interest of providing a safe environment for the students, only the main entrance on 36th St. and 41st Ave. is open after the school day begins.