About Our School

Sanford is a vibrant middle school in the Longfellow area of Minneapolis.

  • All students are on Teams that remain together for 3 years. Team classes are: language arts, social studies, science, and math.
  • Caring personal relationships are a priority at Sanford.
  • In addition to Team classes, students also have classes in PE/Health, Arts (Band, Choir, Drama or Art), Design (Design or Engineering), and World Languages (Arabic or Spanish).
  • Extension and Intervention classes include AVID, Reading Workshop, Read180, and Focus Math. All students are challenged at their ability level.
  • Critical thinking skills and study skills are embedded in all of our lessons. We know we teach more than just content – we teach our students to be life-long learners.


We are proud of and celebrate over 80 years of history as a part of an ever changing, lively river community with a magnificent immigrant and multicultural heritage. Sanford follows the middle school model with a 6-8 program and is located in the Longfellow neighborhood in southeast Minneapolis. Come visit us at 3524 42nd Avenue South. We would love to see you.