Reading Mrs. Larsen-Clough
"Reading Buddies "

   I teach a variety of reading strategies to help improve my students' reading skills in Reader's Workshop with grade 6-8 students.  Depending on the individual needs of the student, small group work, large group instruction & independant reading are incorporated with the use of System 44 Phonics or the Read 180 program to meet the instructional needs of each student. Regular formative and summative assessments are used to monitor students' progress and adjust their instruction. I challenge students to further improve their reading skills and increase their use of more complex reading strategies through rigorous instruction and high classroom expectations.

*Most importantly I want to motivate my students to enjoy reading and see themselves as lifelong readers!  I want to give them the skills they need to access knowledge and find answers to the questions they will  encounter in life, on their own, from a variety of text. 

- The System 44 Phonics program helps students far below grade level aquire the basic knowledge of letter sounds, blending of letter sounds, fluency, site words, spelling and comprehension. The direct instruction supports students' learning of decoding skills and word attack skills. 

-The Read 180 program has independent reading practice for students at 3rd gr. Rdg. level to slightly below their current grade level. It improves word recognition, fluency, spelling and comprehension skills. Read 180 direct instruction also helps students improve basic writing skills: sentences and paragraphs.

  -If you wish to discuss your child's reading concerns or performance in my class please call (612) 668-4900 or better yet e-mail me at

*Encourage your children to read daily for 20-30 minutes!  See your local library for fun programs. Mrs. Larsen-Clough