Donna Biggar - math teacher


I have taught at Sanford Middle School since 1998.  I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Madison (Go Badgers!) with an education degree for grades 1-9 and minored in mathematics.   It is an honor to work with your students on a daily basis, guiding them in mathematical discoveries.  My educational philosophy centers around what is known as  Constructivism. This is the belief that each person must build or construct a framework of knowledge based on what they already know prior to anything new being useful to them. Information is nothing more than useless symbols until it is processed and understood by a thinking mind. It also embraces the idea that how one thinks is more important than the mere accumulation and regurgitation of factual information. Thinking is a process which must be practiced through: hands-on demonstrations, scenarios, role-playing, simulations, team-learning, as well as more traditional methodology, until the mind becomes dynamic and flexible enough to handle any problem that might come along. It is important to me to provide useful information and give students the skills they will need in order to be able to apply mathematics in real world situations. 

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