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Interdisciplinary Teams

2021-2022 Teams
6th grade Team Motivation
  • English/Language Arts: Holly Olsen
  • Math: Mac Nies
  • MN Studies (Individuals & Societies): Jenny Pilon
  • Science: Keven Tell
6th grade Team Inquiry
  • English/Language Arts: John Pahl
  • Math: Jodie Harkness
  • MN Studies (Individuals & Societies): Jenny Monroe
  • Science: David Pass
7th grade Team Fireworks
  • English/Language Arts: Lisa Larsen-Clough
  • Math: Alison VonAchen
  • US Studies (Individuals & Societies): Brie Morris
  • Science: Hope Phillips
7th grade Team Wildcats
  • English/Language Arts: Kathleen Hellevik
  • Math: Donna Biggar
  • US Studies (Individuals & Societies): Mavis Mantila
  • Science: Aviva (GK) Olsen
8th grade Team Tenacious
  • English/Language Arts: Amanda Mohan
  • Math: Annika Pohlman
  • World Studies (Individuals & Societies): Lisa Stuehringer
  • Science: None, Tenacious students have 8th grade science off team.
8th grade Team Jaguars
  • English/Language Arts: None, Jaguar students have 8th grade ELA off team.
  • Math: Ken Beck
  • World Studies (Individuals & Societies): Elizabeth Novak
  • Science: Carrie Otis
Multi-Grade Team Avengers
  • Sully Schermerhorn
  • Isaac Portz
Multi-Team Explorers
  • Jabari Browne
  • Anna Dahlen 
  • Annie Kennedy
  • Janet McDonald
  • Kris Thornwall

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3524 42nd Ave S Minneapolis 55406
Main office
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