Learning Targets

7th Grade Math- updated 12/03/2018

Unit 3:  Ratios and Proportional Reasoning   (Approximately 7 weeks)

I can use proportions and ratios to solve problems with scale drawings and conversions 

Approximate dates:  November 19, 2018 – January 18, 2019

3.1     I can identify rational and irrational numbers, and explain the difference between them.   (

3.2     I can generate equivalent representations of rational numbers and use them to solve problems.   (,

3.3     I can use my knowledge of rational numbers to calculate simple and compound interest.  (,

3.4     I can solve multi-step problems involving proportional relationships and explain why my solution is reasonable.    (,

3.5     I can use proportional reasoning to solve an equation or problem in a variety of contexts, including arc length and sector area of circles.   (,,

3.6     I can apply scale factors to determine side lengths and areas of similar figures in a drawing or context.  (,


Brain Exercises at Home for Unit 3:

1. On-Line Support:


2. Classwork and Homework - You can find copies of classwork and homework in the parent portal to download