Expectations in Math

General Information...........................................................................................................Mrs. Biggar


  • The 7th grade MN state standards have been translated into Learning Targets (“I Can” statements).  These are listed in the YAG, as well as will be pasted and/or written in students’ math notebooks
  • Students’ goal is to master Learning Targets by May when the MCA III is taken
  • To meet this goal, we will use culturally relevant and cognitively demanding tasks and other projects, homework, and quizzes

Learning Environment

  • There is an emphasis on cooperative learning in this math class and students will work often in groups
  • There is an emphasis on discovery-based learning in the 7th grade math curriculum, yet students will find examples in their notebook.  Examples that are necessary to learning will be explored and recorded during in-class note-taking (I support students so they can maintain an organized notebook)

Homework:  Homework is meant to reinforce and extend the problem-solving already introduced in class.  In a typical week, homework will be given out when learning was not completed and/or fully understood during class exploration time.



  • All students will be graded on each Learning Target at least once; every Learning Target will be assessed twice, sometimes more
  • Overall grades will be weighted:
    • Learning Targets (exit slips, quizzes and tests)  80%
    • Homework, Classwork, Professional Student Participation 20%
  • There is no extra credit, but many students request to re-take learning target assessments a third or even fourth time once they have corrected their misconceptions after re-teaching and additional practice

Be a Successful Learner!    

Successful learners:

  • Bring: binder, notebook, and pencils
  • Speak up in class at least once daily
  • Listen carefully and ask questions
  • Do the homework and bring it to class
  • Are respectful and positive members of the class
  • Ask a friend, or the teacher, what was missed when absent

Positive Reinforcement

  • Each class will receive PAT (Preferred Activity Time) points as positive reinforcement for exemplary group conduct
  • 1 PAT point = 1 minute of PAT time
  • When more than 10 points are earned, then that amount of PAT is scheduled