Welcome to the Sanford Attendance Office!

 Attend to Achieve

Here are some simple but important things to keep in mind which pertains to the attendance office:

1) If you know in advance that your child will be away from school, please call the attendance office ahead of time to let us know what day(s) you will be gone and when you expect your child to return.

2) Please remind your child that when they return to school after being away,  the first thing they need to do is to report to the attendance office. .

3) If your child returns to school after being out and we have not received a call from you previously informing us of your child's absence, your child will have an unexcused absence until we receive a call or a written note from you or until we are able to reach you by telephone.

4) If your address or phone number changes during the year, please contact the Sanford Attendance Office and let us know of the change. 612-668-4923