8th Grade Field Trips

8th Grade Teams

Total Field Trip Cost for Year= $50

($10) Finance Park: April 12th Team Jaguars April 19th Team Tenacious; located in Maplewood at Junior Achievement of the Upper Midwest

($0) Roosevelt High School Tour November - Students will visit Roosevelt High School to experience a "day in the life of a high schooler"

($0) STEM Expo: January 31, this will be held at the Minneapolis Convention Center and it is MPS sponsored for 8th grade; both teams

($35) Valleyfair June 6: students can earn a trip to Valleyfair; this trip requires a separate permission slip that will be sent home near the end of the year

Longfellow Park- students regularly walk to Longfellow park located 4 blocks away for physical education class. Teachers also go to the park for nature walks and to get outside in good weather.

Riverview Theater- Students will have the opportunity to walk to Riverview Theater (2 blocks) on special occasions such as dance/movie day. Cost for the Riverview will be charged at the time of the field trip. 


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