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The MPS Teaching and Learning department provides our math curriculum and support to teachers and families.  They have a wonderful website, check it out here: MPS Mathematics.  

Need more ideas on practicing math outside of class?  Try our math links page: Sanford Math Links

6-8th grade Curriculum

Our math curriculum is the MN State Standards in Mathematics for grades 6-8.  Our district purchased CMP2, Connected Math Project 2 curricula to help us reach those standards but we supplement often with more diverse tasks. We are also converting and planning our units with the IB-Middle Years Program.  We use CMP in 6th, 7th and part of 8th grade.  It was created by Michigan State University and published by Pearson.  It is an NSF funded curriculum that is research-based and focuses on problem solving skills.  It is not a traditional curriculum with examples that students study and repeat.  CMP2 encourages students to make connections and build from their prior knowledge.  Students spend more time working in groups investigating problems than listening to their teachers lecture.  CMP2 is grouped into units that focus on topics for 4-6 weeks.  Each unit has a thin paperback textbook.  For more information on the curriculum, check out the link below.

CMP2 site created by Michigan State University

For more information about how Minneapolis implements the CMP2 curriculum, please see the link below.

MPS District Middle School Website 

Students in CMP2 classes are often given page #s and problem #s to complete for homework.  They bring home their textbooks and notebooks.  Often parents and families ask how to help their children with homework that comes from CMP2 because the textbook doesn't provide the traditional examples that parents are used to.  They also request resources for students to practice math at home.  Please check out the site below that includes many links to helpful sites for homework and math games.  

Math Help Links

8th grade Curriculum

State law requires that all 8th grade students take linear algebra.  This used to be cover in 9th grade.  We use the Discovering Algebra textbook in all of our 8th grade courses.  Students in our regular 8th grade course complete chapters 1-5 and several CMP units.  These students will then take the course Intermediate Algebra in 9th grade, where they will complete the algebra book and study data and probability.  In our accelerated 8th grade course, students complete the whole algebra book.  Upon successful completion of the Algebra 1 course in 8th grade, students then start 9th grade in Geometry.   More information about the Discovering Algebra textbook can be found at the link below.

Discovering Algebra 

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