Support Indoor Recess at Sanford!

Indoor Recess
Green area is potential recess space!

Update: The district is reviewing the project again over concerns that students will damage the sprinklers & other systems that are not protected by a full ceiling.

The new construction project left us a huge space across the hall from the lunchroom - the equivalent of 5 classrooms - that we would love to finish off as an indoor recess space. RIght now kids are going outside whenever the weather is nice, but we can't go outside when it's wet or cold!

Our plan includes:

- FInishing the floors & adding mats

- Mats wrapped around all the pillars for safety

- An indoor climbing wall on the east wall (below the windows) similar to the one at Dowling elementary

- Equipment for games and activities

- Painting the walls

We appreciate donations! You can use the website at and designate Sanford.

Please contact principal Emily Palmer at 612-668-4901 or with any questions. Thank you for your support!