Required Paperwork

Please be sure to review and complete all the paperwork.  These are the standard forms used by the district for all over night and international trips.  Common questions that come up - students do not need a passport or a physical for our trip to Eagle Bluff.

If your child takes any medications or regularly takes an OTC medication, Sanford will need a doctor's order for it to be administered.  All District Health Office rules will be followed during this trip.  This means that any medications (including Over the Counter medications) need to be turned into the Sanford Health Office.   Students who want to self-carry an inhaler or other medication need to talk with the Health Office and get a self-carry slip.   Any medication or health questions should be directed to the Sanford Health Office 612-668-4934.

The Eagle Bluff Liability form is something Eagle Bluff requires and will be collected by Sanford and turned into Eagle Bluff upon our arrival.