Research Questions

  1. How do paper clips work? What makes a paper clip "snap" back so easily?
  2. What forces help keep the paper tightly bound together?
  3. What makes the current design of the paper clip so useful and popular?
  4. What are some ways people are being artistic with designing paper clips?
  5. How might the different thicknesses of wire affect how I will design my clip?


History of the Paper Clip

Perfection of the Paper clip

Early Office Museum


Manufacturing of Paper Clips

Design of the Paperclip

How Products are Made

Invention and Technology

eHow on the Manufacturing of Paper clips

Google book on the Manufacturing of Paper clips


Miscellaneous Information about Paper Clips

10 Facts about the Paperclip

Today I found out


Uses of Paper Clips

100 Uses for the paper clip

21 Cool ways to use the paper clip


Forces Lab - see the differences between forces