National History Day- 25 Students 15 Projects Moving on to State!



Margo Harju and Ella Voeks--All American Girls Professional Baseball League
Athalia Mackimm, Madeline Lind, Lily Guindon - Newsies Strike
Ivy Mills--Japanese American Internment

Zoe Riordan/Annabelle Niblett - Korean Adoption Program 
Kyla Brown/Kamarius Cox/Demetria Jones - Atlanta Compromise: Washington and Dubois in Conflict 
Eilif Dregni- “This Land is Your Land”: Woody Guthrie’s Musical Compromise 
William Urch- Apollo Soyuz Test Project 
Keo Sena and Lewi Linville--The 1935 Minneapolis Teamsters Strike: Taking the Fight to the Streets
Erika Peterson and Gwen McMahon – Group Documentary - “A Failed Compromise, A Violent Consequence: The Rwandan Genocide” 
Ella Hoch Robinson, A Duty to Starve: An Ideological Conflict, A Critical Compromise:
Zel Weilandgruber, The Antarctic Treaty: A Compromise for Peace
Anna Olivarez,  “You are crossing the 38th Parallel”: The Truce that Wasn’t
Nik (Saylor) Luckow, Sputnik: The Satellite that ignited the Space Age
Gus LaFave, Rudy Werle, An Urgent Need to Act: A Global Compromise to end the Cambodian Refugee Crisis,
Sofia Fish, Azalea Rohr, A Compromise for the Great Lakes: The Conflict over the Protection of Water,
We wish you the best of luck at History Day State Competition April 28th!