Ms. VonAchen -- Mathematics teacher


My name is Alison VonAchen, and I have been teaching at Sanford since 2015. I graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor's in Statistics and Economics. I spent two years teaching mathematics as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Guinea, West Africa. I also spent time working in health sciences education at the University of Minnesota before getting my teaching license. 

I believe that all students can be successful in mathematics because I've seen it happen! If we (parents/guardians, teachers, and students) believe that students can do math and students put in some hard work, they will make great strides. It is my hope that students will develop a "growth mindset" in our math classroom. Having a growth mindset means that mistakes are what makes our brains grow, so mistakes are a good thing! Mathematicians look for and study patterns, which is what we will be doing in Math 7. We will be working on our reasoning and problem solving skills, so I value deep thinking more than speed. Students in Math 7 may use calculators almost anytime and should feel free to use them at home. 

We are going to have a great year :)


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