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Ms. Mantila at Standing Rock, ND
Ms. Mantila at Standing Rock September 2016

Hi Everybody,

We are currently working on Unit 3 The Americas The objectives for this unit are: 

1. I can describe how geography of the Americas affects how and where people live (

2.  I can demonstrate how trade has changed relationships within and between American countries (

3. I can make reasoned decisions and interpret why different governments may make different choices (

4.  I can identify ways that groups maintain their identity despite increasing globalization (

Items you should have glued into your notebook: 

Page 25 Assignment List for Quarter 2 

Page 26 Cornell Notes Chapter 5 Pages 123-127

Page 27 1/2 salmon color sheet of physcial features to study (United States) There will be quiz on these items this  Friday, December 16th.

Page 28 Cornell Notes Chapter 5 Pages 139-145

Page 29- TODALLS Notes and Graphic Organizer (to be handed out on 12/8 in class)

America's Project due on Tuesday, January 10th . 

Page 30- U.S. Physical Geography Map

Page 31 Canada Map 12/12

Page 32 South America Physical Map

Geography Review Games #1 http://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003

Geography Review Games #2 http://lizardpoint.com/geography/usa-geophysical-quiz.php

Useful Links for the Americas Country Research Project. We started this project on Tuesday, December 13th with a research study guide. It is due on Friday, December 16th.




Here is the link for the two day Aztec, Mayan, Inca Study. http://www.ducksters.com/history/aztec_empire/daily_life.php























































































5.1   I can analyze the effects of racism and legalized segregation on American society.   (