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Hi Everybody,

We are currently finishing up the Africa Unit. We will review for the Unit Test this Thursday, March 23rd and take the test on Friday, March 24th.  I have been uploading pdf files of assignments on to the portal.  You can simply click on the assignment and a pdf file can be downloaded. This is quite a long process (uploading pdfs) but seems to be worth it! 

We are beginning the Africa Unit this week in World Studies.  The objectives for this unit are: 

  • I  can identify key political and physical features of Africa.


  • I can describe how geography affects how people live in Western, Eastern, Central, and Southern Africa.


  • I can compare and contrast how people in these regions live.


  • I can describe Africa before European colonization


  • I can explain how and why European powers took control of most of Africa’s land


  • I can describe the effect of colonization on the people of Africa and I can describe the process by which African nations won their independence.


  • I can explain how the legacies of European colonialism still affect the politics and the economies of African countries today.


  • I can identify factors such as health, education, economic development, globalization which affect standard of living in Africa


  • I can explain how Africans (and others around the world) are trying to improve conditions in Africa.


  • I can describe the effects and explain the causes of the Somali diaspora.


  • I can describe the effects and explain the causes of the Sudanese diaspora.


  • I can compare and contrast the causes and experiences of the Somali and Sudanese diasporas.


Useful Links for the Africa Before Colonization Project . We started this project on Thursday February 9th.




http://www.bbc.co.uk/guides/z3n7mp3 Kingdom of Benin



Here are some links to start looking for topics for your Americas Unit Summative Assessment "Five Paragraph Persuasive Essay" on a current issue regarding a Latin American country (includes South America). This is past due! Please turn in ASAP if you have not already.  It is the first major assignment of Quarter 3 and counts as an assessment 40% of grade. 



An aticle about the Zika Virus http://go.galegroup.com.proxy.elm4you.org/ps/retrieve.do?tabID=T001&resultListType=RESULT_LIST&searchResultsType=MultiTab&searchType=BasicSearchForm¤tPosition=1&docId=GALE%7CIYLFQG978559980&docType=Article&sort=RELEVANCE-SORT&contentSegment=&prodId=ITKE&contentSet=GALE%7CIYLFQG978559980&searchId=R4&userGroupName=mnsminitex&inPS=true

























































































5.1   I can analyze the effects of racism and legalized segregation on American society.   (