Middle School Athletics

You can reach Sanford's Athletic Director Bill Taleen at Bill.Taleen@mpls.k12.mn.us or (612) 668-4900.

Last year, the district made some big changes to our middle level athletic programs. The basic program will continue this way again for another year, with a couple notable changes.

New this year, 7/8th graders have a choice to play for EITHER their attendance area school, OR the assigned "partner" high school. Roosevelt C and/or D squad teams, made up of 7/8th graders from Sanford, will practice & play at Sanford this year. We'll have Volleyball in the fall, Girls & Boys Basketball in the winter, and Girls & Boys Track in the spring. We encourage all Sanford students to try out & play!

6th graders will have skill-building clinics in each of the sports above.

The district will continue to run buses after school this year from the middle schools to the high schools, so that all 7-8th graders have the opportunity to play on all high school teams, and then they will get a bus home. Since most Sanford students will attend Roosevelt or South, Sanford will run buses after school to both South and Roosevelt for students who are playing high-school sports.  We do not expect students to miss classes to play high school sports, but parents may choose to transport students earlier for games as needed.

We are still advocating for the return of middle school athletics, and we appreciate all the parents who have let your opinions be known to Board members. They will be making a decision about it later this school year.