Alg 8 (Team Fireworks)

Course Outline:

  • Unit 1:  Equations and Solving (current)
  • Unit 2:  Linear Functions
  • Unit 3:  Applied Linear Functions (current unit)
  • Unit 4:  Systems of Linear Equations
  • Unit 5:  The Pythagorean Theorem
  • Unit 6:  Exponential Functions
  • * MCA Review *
  • Unit 7:  Quadratic Relationships

Learning Targets for Unit 1 "Equations and Solving":

  • 1.1 "I can evaluate algebraic expressions, including expressions containing radicals and absolute values, and justify the algebraic properties."
  • 1.2 "I can solve multi-step equations in one variable and justify the steps by identifying the algebraic properties used."
  • 1.3 "I can solve linear inequalities and graph the solution on a number line."
  • 1.4 "I canuse linear inequalities to represent relationships in various contexts."
  • 1.5 "I can solve equations and inequalities involving absolute values and graph the solution on a number line."