Meet the Teacher
Kris Thornwall
DCD Spec. Ed. Teacher Room 135

My name is Kris Thornwall.  

I prefer contact through email.  My email is  If you do not have computer access, you can call me at (763) 221-1406.

I have worked for Minneapolis Public Schools for 23 years.  I am a DCD Special Ed. Teacher and have worked at Sanford Middle School since 2012.


1st hour     9:30-10:30  Teacher Prep Time

2nd hour  10:30-11:30 Reading Class (readings include science and history)

3rd hour   11:30-12:30 Mon. cooking, Tues. media lab, Wed. social skills, Thurs. music, Fri community field trip

LUNCH    12:30-1:00

4th hour    1:00-2:00     Math Class

5th hour    2:00-3:00     Regular Ed classes for mainstreaming (computer lab, music, art, board games, physical ed.)

6th hour    3:00-4:00     IEP Objectives work on individual basis

On Fridays, many students go into the community to generalize their skills in natural settings.  Some students are in regular education classes based on their level of academics, social needs, or english as a second language needs.  We also have students that participate in ASD classroom activities or community trips.