How can I guarantee my success in READ 180/Reading Workshop?


The main keys to success in Reading Workshop and READ 180 are ATTENDANCE, PROMPTNESS TO CLASS, and PREPAREDNESS.



ATTENDANCE: If a student misses all or part of a class, he or she will not earn points for that period of time. Missing an entire class means a loss of five points. Partial class absences will mean a loss of points on a pro-rated basis, with a 10-minute absence incurring a one-point loss, etc.. No matter the reason for absence, points lost can be earned back via extra credit, but it is up to the student to choose appropriate extra credit assignments, complete them in a timely fashion, and hand them in for scoring. Possible extra credit assignments include taking and passing computerized book tests, writing book reports, completing STARS worksheets, and other opportunities presented in class.

PROMPTNESS TO CLASS: Unexcused tardiness to class can have a negative effect on the smooth operation of any class, and can impact a student's progress in Reading Workshop or READ 180. Being on time to class is worth one point each day. Students with excessive tardiness will meet with their grade level deans to develop a corrective action plan.

PREPAREDNESS: Students should bring their Sanford binder (including their SAM) and a pencil to class each day. Being prepared for class is worth one point each day.