High School Request

Greetings 8th grade students & families,

The High School Request Process has begun.  Here is a timeline of this process:

Fall- Research your High School Options.  Attend district meetings & open houses.  Students receive classroom lesson with Ms. Walberg to research their High School Options.

            Winter- Complete the High School Request Form.  Deadline is March 5th, 2016.

            Spring-Students receive their High School Placements and register for their 9th grade courses.


Important 8th grade Dates & Events- Mark these on your Calendar:






November 3rd


North High School

1500 James Ave. N 55411

North High School Open House

November 4th

6:30 pm

Patrick Henry High School

4320 Newton Ave N 55412

Patrick Henry High School Open House

November 5th

5:30 pm

Edison High School

700 22nd Ave NE 55418

Edison High School Open House

November 11th

6:00 pm

Roosevelt High School

4029 28th Ave S 55406

Roosevelt High School Open House

 November 12th

5:30 pm 

Washburn High School 

201 W. 49th St. 55419

Washburn High School Open House 

November 2nd

6:00 pm

Anne Sullivan School

3100 E. 28th St. 55406

High School Information Meeting

October 27th

6:00 pm

Wilder Building Door 1

3345 Chicago Ave S 55407

Somali Language Specific High School Meeting

November 3rd

6:00 pm

Wilder Building Door 1

3345 Chicago Ave 55407

Spanish Language Specific High School Meeting

 November 17th

6:30 pm 

Southwest High School 

3414 W 47th St 55410

Southwest High School Open House 

 November 19th

6:30 pm 

South High School 

3131 19th Ave S 55407

South High School Open House 


March 5th

All day


High School Request Applications Due


High School Information Meetings: Presentation by district & High School representatives for families to learn about the High School Request Process, Go-To card transportation, high school programs offerings and information to help know your High School options.



High School Request Process & Applications: Applications are due March 5th, 2016.  All 8th grade families need to complete an application choosing a Minneapolis Public High School or Citywide Program.  Students will be researching their High School options as a classroom lesson with Mrs. Walberg.  For more information or to apply online, you can go to the district’s website: highschoolrequest.mpls.k12.mn.us.  The website will be updated and mailings will arrive in November.